How to Remove Civil Court Records

How to Remove Civil Court Records

Are you concerned about a possible employer finding your civil court records about your lawsuit from years ago? Or, perhaps, your next business venture requires some background research, and you’re concerned about your civil bankruptcy records appearing online?

When civil court records are made public, they are permanently archived on the internet. People can find out about your records in seconds, even if they aren’t substantial. This can have a negative impact on people’s confidence and peace of mind and restrict their growth by preventing them from progressing in life.

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Civil court records can’t harm you if they can’t be found

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The best way to remove civil court records from the internet is to get them sealed or purged first. Only then, with the help of a qualified reputation agency, you should contact a website and request that your court records be removed.

An attempt can be made at erasing court documents without first sealing or expunging them, but that is like treating the symptoms instead of the problem itself – it’s the difference between chopping down a few problematic branches and uprooting a tree from its foundation. The latter is a permanent solution and is better suited to remove court records.

Are Civil Court Records Influencing Your Career?

Background screening is a common practice not only in terms of hiring, when both parties are there to find out if they’re a good fit for a working relationship: a federal background check helps reveal the candidate’s background, eliminating the possibility of hiring the wrong person.

While passing the pre-employment screening may be the only thing setting you apart from competitors with similar skill sets, you need to remove civil court records to:

  • Enhance your online footprint and privacy
  • Increase your opportunities to purchase assets
  • Boost your prospects to start your own business
  • Ensure a better life for your children since many reputable schools conduct background checks on parents.
  • Enable you to easily relocate or transfer anywhere.

How to Remove a Court Case From Google Search Yourself?

Google search results will only deliver information from different websites. The search platform of Google does not host or create the information mentioned; it simply indexes it. URLs may be reported to Google for deletion from search listings but only if the article violates the user’s privacy or other laws, detract from users’ ability to locate relevant information.

If you want to deindex the site, you should:

  1. Provide evidence (legal documents and proofs) that the data is inaccurate.
  2. Submit the form.
  3. Wait for the reply.

Please, keep in mind that you need to be extremely careful since one wrong move can result in Google’s alert. In other words, Google may find your actions suspicious and will never remove the page from search results. In this case, even professionals have little to no chance to help you. That’s why it’s always better to delegate the job to a reputation agency.

How to Remove Court Cases From the Internet Yourself?

It is trickier to remove court case records from the internet and may require professional assistance. Every case is different, and this delicate process may be too stressful without an expert’s guidance; these records need to be wiped off of websites legally. Experts can run analyses to reveal the platforms that contain negative reviews. Then the art of negotiations comes into play to convince the website admins or hosting providers that their content is harmful and should be deleted.

If you cannot find or afford an expert who knows how to remove court records from the internet, the process primarily consists of two primary steps:

  • File a motion to seal or expunge the relevant court records with a court.
  • Once a judge grants the motion to seal or expunge the court records, have an attorney contact the website to negotiate taking down the negative content.

It might seem easy on paper, but the ease of this process depends on multiple variables:

  • The type of public record (a criminal or civil court case);
  • The severity of the crime committed;
  • How important is it for the public to have access to this information;
  • The amount of time that’s passed since the record was first made;
  • The legal costs.

What is more, it will be rather costly, and you can’t be sure that the results will be in your favor. Therefore, this way is expensive and has a high chance of being a failure in the end.

How to Improve Your Chances to Remove Court Records From the Internet?

In order to improve your chances of a court granting your request, ask to limit the removal request. Ask for certain documents and records to be sealed off instead of wiping out the whole record. According to a New York-based study made with a sample set of 33,503 people arrested between the ages of 16-17, 31% had their first arrest sealed but did not have their fingerprints destroyed. This group knew why and how to get civil court records removed to move past their juvenile mistakes.

It is also equally important to know what ruins your chances to remove civil court records:

  • Do not send a cease and desist letter before the court approves your request.
  • Using SEO strategies to cover up Google records might sound tempting, but it will only work against you.
  • Don’t be the one angrily calling or writing foul emails to the court demanding them to remove your records. It will do you no good.

Keep in mind that not all court records hold the same weight; a juvenile arrested for stealing has better chances of sealing their records over a sex offender. Considering most states have different punishment laws for various crimes, the same might apply to getting the records sealed. It is safe to hire someone or conduct thorough research to get the court records removed before taking action.

Delegate Court Records Removal to Reputation America

There are several reasons to want your court records removed from the internet, and we are eager to help – no matter what drives you. By delegating the removal to Reputation America, you’re not just releasing yourself from the hassle and reducing the risks of negative publicity due to a wrong approach. You are entrusting your fate to professionals who have successfully removed 2,861 links so far. What is more, you are paying for the results only, not the devoted working hours like with lawyers.

We know how to remove civil court results from Google without getting extra attention. You won’t have to suffer in court, get extra attention, or worry about the results. Just let us remove your civil court records so they won’t postpone your personal and professional success.

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