Best Tips On How To Remove Outdated Content From Google Legally

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We’ve created an easy guide to perform outdated content removal quickly.

Over time, anyone can face a situation when some related information on the Internet is no longer valid. When such information is neutral or insignificant, its existence does not bother the owner or mentioned person. But when it is irrelevant or even harmful, it can be bothersome and even impact business growth opportunities.

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In this case, knowing how to remove outdated content from Google is of the utmost importance, as it will help you leave only desired and up-to-date information about yourself on the Internet. To help you with this issue, we’ve created an easy guide to perform outdated content removal quickly.

Why You Might Need Outdated Content Removal

The situations in which you need to remove outdated content from Google search can be different. For instance, such information can badly affect your business, or you may dislike the posted information, photo, or video content. You may even feel uncomfortable demonstrating some information in public sources.

For example, once we got a request from an IT expert with high qualifications having experience in a binary options company. Over time, it turned out that the company was a scam. That fact delivered a lot of negative and frustrating reviews, including fraud charges. The situation affected the specialist badly even though he was only developing software, not knowing the company’s illegal schemes.

His data was posted on different sources connected with the company, as he was an employee responsible for programming. That is why he had serious problems with finding a new job. Potential employers refused to work with a specialist involved in such a situation. We managed to help him remove all outdated content from the web and find a new promising post.

Another software programmer from Silicon Valley turned to us with a request to delete a certain personal video from the web. The content was not negative; it included his interview at the age of 18. But as some of his beliefs changed, he did not like the way this video characterized him. And we helped him to remove the content he did not like to enable a more desired positioning as a person and a specialist.

How to Remove Outdated Content From Google: Step-by-Step Guide

There is a Google outdated content removal tool for any case. If you wish to delete outdated content yourself, here are a few steps to follow.
  1. Check if you need to delete content from Google Search only or the web. Removing information from the web is a long process and involves submitting applications to platform owners, administrators, hosting providers or authors.
  2. To delete information from the web, the first essential step is finding the platform’s hosting company and sending them an outdated content removal request. If your attempt fails, use the removal troubleshooter for help.
  3. To remove certain personal information, Google suggests a specific course of action. You can learn more here.
  4. Follow those instructions to find out how to remove outdated content from Google:
  • If you are the page owner, use a special form to remove the URL temporarily for six months. Then block it permanently, add a “no index” tag, or remove your photo or video file from Google search results with the help of a special service.
  • If you are not the owner and the information is no longer available on the source, use Google’s outdated content removal tool to remove it from Google search results. If the content is still available, submit a removal request to the platform or hosting provider. If your request fails, turn to a removal troubleshooter. When you achieve the goal, use Google’s outdated content removal tool.
If you worry about how long it takes for Google to remove outdated content, the timing depends on the characteristics of your request. Usually, Google processes the request within a day or two. But the actual timing varies if you wish to remove outdated content from Google search or the web. And it will take longer if you are not the owner of the source from which you need to delete outdated content.

Why Can You Trust Us Your Outdated Content Removal?

It is possible to get information removed by yourself, but it often requires a lot of time and effort, especially when you do not know who the source’s owner is - or if they refuse to delete the info.
At Reputation America, we know all about how to remove outdated content from Google and the web. We can take over your problem to save you time and relieve you from stress. We use 100% legal methods to remove or deindex information and guarantee that our results will meet your needs.
Having deep knowledge of the topic, we can evaluate how long it will take for Google to remove outdated content in your particular case.
We offer trustworthy assistance:
  • We know what to request in every case based on the peculiarities of the situation and desired outcome.
  • We take into account all the peculiarities that regular Internet users cannot know of.
  • We know whom to apply to and can reach authors, sites, domain administrations, and hosting providers, unlike regular Internet users.
  • We focus on achieving the goal and do not stop if there is no reply to our request. We have the necessary tools to deal with the problem and get a result.

To Conclude

Those examples demonstrate that any person may need to get help on information removal at any time. Knowledge about how to delete outdated content from Google can be very helpful for you or your family and friends. And we, as a trustworthy company, can help you remove any outdated content from Google or the entire web quickly and easily without any stress.