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We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe
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Former employees' bad reviews ransack any supply chain & logistics business’s online reputation. They dominate your search results and affect every corner of your business, starting from the Time to Fill Open Positions right through OTIF and Capacity Utilization to revenue.
If your business has recently received a bad review, don't worry. Whether it is a disgruntled former warehouse manager or a vindictive truck driver, or an anonymous online troll, negative reviews happen to every third-party logistics sooner or later. What is important is how are you acting and what are you doing, so follow the best practices for dealing with bad reviews and manage to get them removed as quickly as possible.
We are an established company providing information removal services with over a 96% success rate, having successfully handled over 2,000 web pages containing negative information. All our clients enjoy our high success rate, zero-risk approach, standardized terms, and lifetime guarantee. When it comes to removing former employees’ bad reviews, we know what works.

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Instead of focusing on multiple services we focused on the removal in specific areas. Developing our own technologies and network we are confident to provide you with Fast results, Affordability and Efficiency.

Faster (up to 5 days)From 3 weeks or more
High success rate 95%50/50 depends on the case
Affordable. We remove without side payments to the websiteMay Overpriced. Pay for the removal to the third parties
Low risk level due to precision actions based on focused experience of the teamThe risk may be higher due to multiple specializations of the team

Why It Is Important To Understand The Impact Of Negative Reviews

Every department in the company feels the impact of negative reviews on Glassdoor. Low morale leads to staff turnover. Recruiters are trying to meet staffing needs, which hinders growth and affects the service provided. The sales team is also experiencing difficulties and cannot achieve the planned monthly revenues. Management is concerned about the health of their company.
People can also leave reviews anonymously, disgruntled employees easily exaggerate claims or write fake reviews.
Are you curious about the financial impact of bad reviews on a company?
Let's take a look at the ROI calculation - this is the last reason why HR professionals are interested in estimating the cost of human resources.
The ROI formula is easy to find on the Internet.
Cost is the key element in this formula. ROI equals the net benefit divided by the total cost of human resources. The upper part of the ROI formula is called Net Benefit. Net benefit is the total benefit minus the total cost. The net benefit is divided by the total cost.
Many different examples can be given. Often, the HR department analyzes the team and identifies the pros and cons. Accordingly, they try to correct the cons based on the collected data.
For example, poor lighting, insufficient ventilation in the room or low activity of employees leads to diseases.
To combat low activity, for example, competitions are introduced, either team or individual, with a physical activity counter, which leads to "healthy" competition. If you can calculate the costs and evaluate the benefits of such an intervention, you can calculate the ROI.
Human Resource Cost - Measuring the cost of personnel and estimating the benefit of an HR interventions.
Calculating ROI is comlex and tricky to perform.

New Subheadline

Basic steps you can take by yourself:
1. Ask the author to remove the negative review. If you know the author or found the author's contact information, you can always get in touch, listen and negotiate. Solve the issue with an apology or in any other way. Then the author of the review can change it to a positive one or even delete it.
2. Report the negative review for Terms of Use violations. Each platform has its own terms of use. Read them carefully and report or flag the review. Moderators or administrators will receive the request, review it and possibly delete it.
3. Take legal action against the author of the review. If any of the reviews cross the line and turn into slander, it is best to consult a lawyer. But remember, you can’t sue the platform.
4. Use our removal service to get the job done. Let Reputation America removal experts help you get rid of bad reviews. We work fast and have been helping customers remove bad, unwanted, or inappropriate content for nearly a decade now. These days, reviews can either be a boon to your business or seriously hurt your company.

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We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe
Priority method of communication
We hope you truly understand the risk and the hardness of negotiations with the author. Apart from the cost of finding a connection with them. Also, flagging bad reviews won’t directly edit them, but they may return it to the reviewer for editing or confirmation. You cannot sue the review platform for a bad or even fake review because they are protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Instead, to sue the reviewer and/or poster themselves is an overpriced and unpredictable ending option. Let's move on to the tool that works.

Why do our clients choose us

The short answer is for fast, predictable results. Let’s compare some details below.

Most sites like Glassdoor grow their audience by intentionally designing their sites to attract dissatisfied employees to make posts. A bad review is ten times more attractive than a positive one.  And this is the point of how we developed and launched our 3 steps bad review removal service.
Dealing with negative reviews is a time-consuming and difficult task, and not everyone has enough free time and knowledge to do it.
We remove reviews from Glassdoor through negotiation. We have a team of real professionals in the field who know the rules of these review platforms. We know and understand how to convince the author of a review to remove it. We know how to properly build a dialogue with the platform so that the review is deleted.
Important! We ask for a domain email. Why? To speed up the process, make it more secure and effective. Is it obligatory? No.
Save time, reduce risks of the escalation and get results with our 3 steps bad review removal service.
There are still respected agencies on the market focused on taking down content. If you choose them, we will be grateful for your feedback on why did you pass us by.