What is Expungement and How to Expunge Criminal Records?

Expungement is a legal procedure which can help you to remove your criminal record from the public. After that it will be treated as nonexistent or unavailable one.

A background check is essential nowadays in all spheres. The companies are running it to ensure they hire the right people, businessmen to check out their partners to estimate the possible outcome and prevent the risks for themselves. Even your new Tinder partner is searching for you to get to know you better. When you are stuck in these strict frames, having a criminal record published online is the same as keeping a dead body in your fridge when you live right in front of the police station. 

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If You Have Letter of Expungement Ask to Remove Your Online Criminal Record

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How does Expungement Lawyers Work? Expungement Attorney Practice 

The process of expungement always depends on the States laws where you are trying to achieve it. To ensure the expungement process in your State you can check out the Restoration of Rights Project comparison list. But State is not the only factor that influences the chance of achieving expungement. Such factors as the nature of the crime, how much time passed since you were arrested, and your age at the moment of crime commitment can influence the process as well.

The Expungement Attorney can help you to receive a Letter of Expungement, but you should prepare yourself for the long-term court procedure. Firstly, you will need to complete all court orders related to the case, whether it is a prison sentence, fine, or correctional labor. Secondly, depending on the state it is a variety of probation periods that goes after you complete the sentence, and you will have to wait the exact time to ask a lawyer to expunge your criminal record. 

After the first steps are completed you will have to collect all the documents that prove the legitimacy of your expungement and send them all to the District Attorney for review. Sometimes even a court hearing is required to remove your criminal record. After all, you can receive a Letter of Expungement, and your record will disappear from the state sources. But still, it is a high chance that it will stay online. Such sources as independent websites that collect information about criminal records will not automatically remove your record, even if you have a court order.

In that case, you can ask your lawyer to remove it, but to do so, the lawyer will commit a suit for each case of record mentioned. It is not such a big deal to count how much it will cost you, to run that many lawsuits at one moment, in the case the multiple mentions of the same case online. Also, time plays a huge role in this, collecting all the documents and law procedures will take steal your most expensive resource of yours. But is it any other way to remove all these records mentioned online? Yes, it is. Let’s move forwards with it.

How to Get Online Record Expunged? Variety of Methods

  • Work for the Removal of Online Criminal Records with Your Attorney. 

Often, attorneys’ you work with on the expungement process can help you to remove criminal records published online. They will work hard with you on the expungement process, but after the criminal record will be removed from state sources your case will be considered a successful one. You can hire an attorney to clean your online reputation, but be ready to receive another bill for this.  

  • Remove Your Online Criminal Record with Reputation America.

Based on The Letter of Expungement our team can help you to achieve removal in any online source. We work based on negotiations and our own experience working with a variety of platforms. The Letter of Expungement is a strong reason for information removal, especially if we talk about criminal records published online. Additionally, as a reputation management agency, we can help you to remove any information related to the criminal record. It can be news articles with a review of the situation, social media posts, or any negative information online.  

  • Remove Your Online Criminal Record Yourself. 

Firstly, you will need to find all related to the court case sources of information. You need to know the specifics of each website you are asking for the removal of your online criminal record. Also, you need to find all the contact information of the author of the content as well as website hosting, etc. You can do it yourself, or request an investigation report from us. We can assist you with the process and provide you with all contact information related to the sources you will share with us.

How Do You Expunge Your Record Yourself?

However, it is more than possible to achieve a record expungement by yourself. You are not required to use an attorney in court. You can expunge your criminal record being self-represented. 

As was already mentioned, the process depends on the state you are living in. So you need to go deeper with the information about the procedure. Sometimes, the paperwork is only required. In other cases, you have to argue for criminal record expungement with the district attorney in the court. Still, it is possible to have it. 

After your criminal record will be expunged from the state sources, you can proceed with information posted about your criminal record online. To do so you will have to prove to the website that you are considered not guilty anymore and you have a court order to remove any information posted about this exact criminal record online. You can achieve it using the Letter of Expungement. However, it will be a long process, in case you don’t know from the start who you should request for the removal and how.

How Long Does Expungement Take?

There is no approximate time for expungement. You need to take into account all the conditions. It actually can be a week or a few years in case the completion time of the court sentence is long. Starting the Expungement procedure you should prepare yourself from the start and understand if the result is worth the time or not. 

What is the Process of Removing Online Criminal Records? Reputation America Practice

As Reputation America we use different methods to work with the removal of information. We know how exhausting the expungement process may be. That’s why we are doing our best to help you get rid of all information online which is connected to the case as fast as possible. Still, working on online criminal record removal is a complicated process, but the Letter of Expungement in such cases higher the percentage of success almost to 95%! It is always a chance you can do it yourself, but to save your time and increase the possibility of a completely clean criminal record we recommend you to ask experts to assist. 

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We keep your personal data safe
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