What Happens When You Delete Something on Google?

How to Remove A Page From the Google Index

If you’ve found information online about you that is untrue or unkind, you may worry about what it will do to your reputation.

It may be something you said or did many years ago that reflects poorly on you today, or it could be an untrue negative review. Reputation America can help you and your company’s reputation. They know how to remove articles from Google and make sure it stays deleted. Here are a few of the ways Reputation America can help.

Remove The Content From Google Search

Google Search is the largest search engine in use. It provides links to relevant websites based on the search terms you input. If harmful content exists about you on the web, it may show up in an organic search. You can have these links removed from Google Search in limited situations by appealing directly to Google. For them to be removed, you’ll need to flag the URLs that contain the data in your report. 

Google may remove your personal information upon request in certain situations. You may have changed jobs and still have your old work address and phone number listed. This can create a problem if people contact you about previous work projects.

You can request that Google remove pages that contain any contact information, such as phone number, email address, or physical address. To protect your privacy, Google will remove any data that increases the risk of identity theft, financial fraud, and other personal harm. 

Google can also remove information for legal reasons, such as copyright violations or information that violates local laws. Once it’s been reported, Google will check to see if it’s illegal. This can be violence, explicit content, or someone phishing for information using you or your company’s reputation. Any of these can be considered violations and will be removed as quickly as possible. 

Content May Still Exist on the Website

When you delete something from Google Search, it doesn’t mean it’s gone from the web. In some cases, the information stays on the site, but the page no longer appears in search results. While this step eliminates a lot of the worry about who will see the negative information from random searches, further steps need to be taken to ensure the content is completely removed.

For example, if someone has a direct link to the page, they can still find the data you want to remove. They may also access it by clicking on that page from a menu button or as a link in other content. This could still damage your business until it’s taken down.

Depending on the type of content that is associated with your name, Google may remove the page from the web. If a website adds explicit private photos without your consent, Google can get them removed. Google will also delete images of minors from search results to protect those under the age of 18. 

We understand the processes involved in getting different types of content removed. With success in removing information from over 2000 web pages, you can trust that we know the correct methods to use. 

You May Need to Contact the Website Owner

Removing information from Google Search may not be enough to protect your reputation or provide peace of mind. If you don’t own the website that contains negative information, you will need to contact the website owner. You can ask them to remove the article or specific reference to you. 

Reputation America makes it our business to remove outdated and harmful information from the internet for our clients. We contact the website owner on your behalf and negotiate with them to have the information removed. This process can take some time, but we’ll continue working until we reach the desired results. We work with any site and use professional negotiating tactics to get the information removed.

Information removal with Reputation America doesn’t happen overnight. It can take up to 45 days to see the content removed. Though the process may seem slower, it’s more effective and permanent. 

How To Remove Articles From Google With Reputation America

Reputation America makes protecting your reputation our priority. We help to make sure that your information stays safe by specializing in permanent information removal. Reputation America provides a safe and effective way to eliminate negative and harmful content without engaging in legal battles. Provide us with your contact information and details about your situation, and let us start protecting your reputation today. 

We offer a lifetime guarantee with our information removal. If any data you requested to be deleted shows up again, we’ll remove it at no cost to you. You only pay us when we get results. We also keep your private information confidential during the process. You’re assigned a personal manager to keep you updated on our progress. 


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