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Former employees' bad reviews ransack your company’s online reputation. They dominate your search results and affect every corner of your business, including recruiting, marketing, sales, and revenue.
It is not uncommon in the “internet review era” for the grievances of unhappy customers and ex-employees to be played out by maliciously reviewing businesses online. And usually, they don’t stop by just complaining on an employer review site such as Glassdoor. They often will take it out on all your consumer platforms such as Yelp.
There are no worries if your clients are dedicated patient persons who read reviews carefully. They definitely figure out that’s not about their future experience and will make the right decision. Besides the fact people can estimate the quality of service/goods you provide relying on the former employee opinion about your company, there are four reasons you should handle this:
  • Yelp have higher visibility than Glassdoor
  • A former employee's bad review is a cause for rejection for reasons of solidarity
  • Your page’s av. rating suffers from the non-consumer experience
  • People can estimate the quality of the product you provide by relying on your former employee opinion about your company

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Why It Is Important To Separate Consumer And Employee Experience?

People who read your former employee’s bad reviews may form inaccurate opinions about your business, which could damage your reputation all. Furthermore, a former employee's bad review may stay as a consumer's refusal cause for solidarity reasons.
Of course, you can reduce the risk by responding to a review (which is a DIY option below). Based on the Service Recovery Paradox, that can prevent not only further harm but also attract new customers. But if your unhappy employee left a review on Yelp, the average impression is miscellaneous. Your uncertain prospects will definitely be confused and may choose a competitor just to support a sense of unity if the problem is close.
An employee’s point of view is not an honest representation of a customer experience.

Here is a Quora User Opinion about Yelp Algorithms

Sure, just not of your own place of employment! :-)

I’ve been around for Yelp for a long time and when a new business opens, there is often a blast of early reviews. There will be a bunch of crap, short 5-star reviews, some of which will be from misguided employees. There are also often another bunch of short 1-star reviews from employees of competitors!

Fortunately, Yelp has a pretty great filtering algorithm. It may take a few days, but most of these reviews will be identified and filtered. It’s funny, businesses often complain when 5-star reviews are filtered but they are completely silent when the 1-stars disappear!

I was once in a coffee house over hearing four young ladies chatting in a neighboring booth. One of them had recently been fired as a server from a local restaurant. She was on a mission to screw her past employer! She kept writing fake 1-star reviews and Yelp kept filtering them! Finally, Yelp canceled her account. “God damn Yelp,” she said! “I hate them!” I just sat there and smiled!

Why Should Not You Try to Do It By Yourself?

Actually, you should. And there is a huge chance you succeed. Just go through the checklist below before you go on. 
  • The author doesn’t pay attention to the review, so there is no “Streisand risk if the review disappears. Just deep dive into the author’s pages based on OSINT.
  • You have at least 4-6 hours per week to reach and negotiate with Yelp administrators.
  • You are confident with your arguments if the administrators involve the author or a dispute launched 
  • Your wage rate is less than 50$, and you are is a patient and a calm person ready for the routine task that may go out of the plan. 
If your answer is "No" to one of the questions above just reach us to figure out if we can make the job done more efficiently than you. 

Why Should You Trust Us?

If you deep dive into our background check you can find out we are in bad reviews removing for 5 years. If you reach out to us any way you’ll be provided with full service from one of our removal experts. In case you try us as a supplier, a service agreement and detailed statement of work are clear and protect you as a client. You pay for the results only.
Starting our work we build on the predictable low-risk technologies and doublechecked over time. In case that does not help exotic and aggressive methods may work. Once the job is done, your lifetime guarantee is guaranteed. So there are no reasons to trust us from scratch, but you definitely can check our proposal. Request now.

Need to handle former employees reviews on Yelp?

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We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe
Priority method of communication

Why Do Our Clients Choose Us

The short answer is for fast, predictable results. Let’s compare some details below.

Dealing with negative reviews is a time-consuming and difficult task, and not everyone has enough free time and knowledge to do it.
We remove reviews from Yelp through negotiation. We have a team of real professionals in the field who know the rules of these review platforms. We know and understand how to convince the author of a review to remove it. We know how to properly build a dialogue with the platform so that the review is deleted.
Save time, reduce risks of the escalation and get results with our 3 steps bad review removal service.
There are still respected agencies on the market focused on taking down content. If you choose them, we will be grateful for your feedback on why did you pass us by.