Solved: How to delete and remove Google review?

delete and remove Google review

You type your name into a search engine, curious to see whether your profile now includes that laudatory announcement about your promotion. Maybe Yahoo. Maybe Google. You hope this terrific news has been posted online. But someone you know heard a rumour in which you play a major role, and that’s nagging you.

Sure enough, someone has posted something on Google. You hit the “enter” key, and up comes an article with a headline that reads: “Principal Caught Up In Cheating Scandal.” Your phone starts ringing. You break out into a cold sweat. Where did the rumour come from? Who wrote it? Who’s in on it? How do you handle this? Your entire life is suddenly thrown to the cyber wolves in the time it took you to inhale.

Then you wake up. It was a nightmare, just a bad dream. But this kind of negative content strikes all the time on Internet search engines like Google; sometimes the person who’s the target is innocent, sometimes not. It doesn’t really matter. That content is there forever, right?

Wrong. This is where we step in, the professionals at Reputation America. We are the experts at getting negative, even slanderous or libellous content or reviews removed from Google.

Here’s How We Remove Google Reviews & Other Content:

  •  We collect information.
  •  We study everyone who has access to eliminate the source of the negative content.
  •  We collect data on the author of the negative, unkind and maybe even slanderous material; we get to the resource, his (or her) administration and host.
  •  We identify violations of the law.
  •  We carry out tests, implicit contacts with each of the parties.
  •  We analyze all the material.
  •  We develop psychological portraits of the party or parties at the root of the content.
  •  We identify the necessary arguments and what motivated that party to post the negative content.
  •  We check to see whether the information is being monitored and whether its deletion carried an additional or even bigger risk to you.
  •  We create a project plan.
  •  We decide how to act next, always in the best interests of you, our client.
  •  We decide, in consultation with you, whether removal of the information is the only way to proceed.
  •  We evaluate whether rewriting, de-identifying or replacing the content would be wiser and more effective.
  •  If so, we work with psychologists, conflict specialists, content specialists, lawyers and sometimes mediators, who deal with the removal or replacement of the content.

No search engine, Google included, wants false or libellous content on their sites. But you can’t simply contact Google (or any search engine), complain that the content is unfair and vaguely maligns you in some way, and expect it to be removed.

If only life were that simple.

A juicy story gains traction on the Internet, especially when the target of that content is a well known individual, like a celebrity, politician or wealthy, high-profile business person. Even “ordinary” folks have online profiles today. Type in a name, a city, and/or a profession, and your profile comes up for everyone to see and read about.

Reputation America removes Google reviews, articles and other content, through only legal and legitimate means. No hacking, no threats.

And we don’t take your money until our goal is achieved and the negative content is fully dealt with. That’s our promise, our commitment to you.

Our information removal specialists can remove Google reviews, and content from all international social networks.

Our international removal specialists understand the mindsets of English-language sites. We understand how users behave, what they are notable for, and how they adapt to certain people; for example, they can tell the difference between a Mexican and an American source.

delete and remove Google review

We manage your reputation and your online profile.

In the 21st century, with high-speed, instant access to information about everyone, you can’t possibly be aware, or keep on top of, every shred of content about you on the Internet. Reputation America can. That’s what we are here for – to ensure that the sterling, esteemed reputation you’ve worked so hard to achieve is preserved and promoted online. How can you be expected to thoroughly stay on top of it all?

You can’t be. That’s what we do. Think of Reputation America as traffic cops on the information highway. We monitor information and remove Google reviews and other search engines before lasting damage is done.

Let’s go back to the example we used to open this article. You’re the school principle who just saw the headline, “Principal Caught In Cheating Scandal.” You know it isn’t true; words have been misconstrued, and incorrect meanings have been implied. Five students at your school were caught cheating on their final exams, and their parents were scandalized, but that’s all. It wasn’t you. There was no adultery or other illicit behaviour going on.

Why does that headline read like that? Who posted it?

In the meantime, your head is swimming, your phone is ringing, and the school board wants answers. What do we do next? You get in touch with the information management specialists at Reputation America, and let us handle it. We remove Google reviews or we replace it. We use only legal means to get your reputation and image restored.

But the clock is ticking…the longer that headline lingers, the more damage is done. For the sake of your family, your job and your reputation, get in touch with us now. Today. While there’s time to undo the material and correct impressions.

We keep everything confidential, and we act fast. We love tough cases and difficult challenges.

Contact us at Reputation America today. Can you really afford not to?

Before requesting the removal of reviews, please see our сhecklist:

How to respond to negative review

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