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Your reputation is extremely important, whether it’s your reputation as an individual or your reputation as a business owner. But managing your reputation can be difficult because you’re not the only one who can impact it. One thing that can damage your reputation is online defamation that should have been removed. But how do you remove it? You might need a little help.

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We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe
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What Is Internet Defamation Law?

Internet Defamation Law exists to regulate relations between Victim and Slander. In 1996 the US Congress passed the Communication Decency Act. The Act prohibits starting court cases against ISPs, social media platforms, and website hosts. Moreover, it might be used to defend yourself in court in defamatory lawsuits against the author. However, this law wasn't implemented to protect one's reputation from defamatory content online.
The origins of Internet Defamation Law lie in the court decision in the Gutnick case. In October of 2000, Dow Jones published an article in Barron's magazine titled 'unholy gains'. This article contained harmful information about Melbourne operating businessman Mr. Joseph Gutnick. Of half of a million online magazine subscribers, 1700 were Australians. Mr. Gutnick has started legal proceedings against Dow Jones Inc. The court's decision was in Gutnick's favor, and the trial became a precedent for defamatory decisions regarding online content. In further years, similar cases came all over the world. Nowadays, we have a base of Internet Defamation Law built on these cases.

How Does Online Defamation Law Firms Work?

It is easy to get lost in legal terms. But here is what you should know about defamation lawsuits. The Internet Defamation Law comes hand in hand with the right to freedom of speech. One of the basic human rights made this type of lawsuit hard to come through.
Here is a Brief Description of Defamation Lawsuit
Choice of Defamatory law depends on the state and country, but all of them have common criteria that everyone should suit. Usually, to start a court procedure you need to prove:
  • Someone made a defamatory statement. Here you should prove the fact of the statement expression. 
  • The publication of the statement. In the legal field, it means that a third party had to see this statement somewhere. 
  • This statement is harmfully affecting you. Here you need to estimate and show the losses this statement caused you. 
  • This exact statement was false. A defamatory statement will be only considered as such if the statement is false, otherwise, you have lost from the start. 
  • The statement is out of the frames of the privileged category.
Moreover, with Online Defamation cases of public figures it is even harder to achieve results. Mainly, governments defend people's right to freely share their opinion about publicly known people such as Politicians, Actors, Influencers, Businessmen, etc. Officials have to prove everything above, and additionally, they have to prove that the statement was made with "actual malice".

Defamation Attorney or Reputation Management Agency?

Firstly, we are talking about completely different approaches to the same problem. While Defamation Attorney will start a court case against slender, a Reputation management agency will give you a variety of approaches they can take against this specific content. In most cases, the Defamation Lawsuit procedure last at least several months. Do you have so much time? In comparison, the average time of online defamation removal in Reputation Management Agency is only 21 days.
Secondly, plenty of attorneys are working on hourly-based payments, which means that even if you didn't achieve any results, you still have to pay for the attorney's time working on your case. On average this will cost you about $10000 with unpredictable results. On the other side, Reputation Management Agency charges you for the results they achieve. You will have to pay the fixed Agency’s price only if the content will be permanently removed.
The last, but in this case, not least is the risks and efforts you should put into this. Unfortunately, no one can predict the outcome of the law procedure. Most of the court cases are public and you cannot know in advance will it cause you more reputation damage than defamatory content or not. At the same time, Reputation Management Agency will provide you with a risk-free approach to eliminating online content. The Lawsuit is always an exhausting process built on regular meetings with attorneys and court visits. Working with a Reputation Management Agency includes consultation with a reputation management expert who will provide you with all information about the project in the short term. Then, the Agency starts to work on your case,  and you will be provided with weekly updates.
More details and comparison between Defamation Attorneys and Reputation Management Agency in this article.

Remove Online Defamation Without a Lawsuit With Reputation America

In conclusion, we would like to share our experience working on online defamation removal projects and help you solve your problem without putting you into an exhausting lawsuit. You just need to provide us with harmful links, and we will start working on your project promptly. In return, we guarantee you:
  • Professionalism. Reputation America has 10+ years of hands-on experience in reputation management, which allows us to quickly create working custom-tailored negotiation strategies. Our team is experienced in dealing with Online Defamation cases and knows all the related laws to use in the negotiation process.
  • Reasonable pricing. While many attorneys will apply an hourly wage, we charge you only for outcomes - meaning, you won’t pay unless we deliver.
  • Vivid outcomes. If removing doesn’t work, we will always offer you alternative solutions - for example, to deindex your defamatory content. Our mission is to improve your reputation by any means.