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A quick guide to improve your online image.

In the era of mass media, every mistake can be immortalized in news articles or reviews left about you online. And if you are an interesting person, or if your company is quite large, the more republishing of these articles you will get. But don’t worry - where there is a problem, there is always a solution. With 10 years of online reputation management experience, we are ready to prepare you to deal with negative articles on Google.

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How to get a news article removed from the internet

Step 1. Preparation

First of all, search your name and surname, your company name, and gain an understanding of your online image.  The most clickable links will rank higher. This means that they are very interesting for the people that search for information about you. This is your main target. (Note: For an objective view of the search results, you need to use the Incognito mode in your browser. Without it, links you were clicking will rank higher in the search results.)
The main task of your preparation for how to get a news article removed from the internet will be the full study of these articles. Check them carefully and try to find mistakes. News publishers like to embellish the real situation, so check for any discrepancies in numbers and phrases. This will be your main proof that these articles contain inappropriate information.
If you have documentation proving that this information is incorrect, for example, a court result stating that you are innocent, or if the article contains information about the company's financial statements, and you have financial data supported by a signature or seal,  any documentation authorized by any authorities in this matter will be your key to the 90% successful removal of this news article.

Step 2. Actions

There are different ways for how to remove articles from Google on the publisher and Google sides. In 90% of cases, an article is just removed from search results by certain keywords. For example, the author adds a no-index tag to the article. Let's check all of them and get ready for the long process of how to remove articles from Google. You will need to be firm and patient.
Contact the author. Many authors provide their email, social network ID, or even phone number to contact them. And we imagine that some of them are not interested in your article anymore, e.g., if this content is really old or is not relevant for their readership. Be patient. Don’t try to argue or threaten them, since this can result in more negative articles about you. Write a polite email detailing the inaccuracies, and provide proof and documentation to support your claims. Based on our experience, journalists are interested in new content more than old. You can barter with an exclusive interview in exchange for a negative article. And if you don’t make any mistakes, you will kill two birds with one stone: Bury the negative article and get a positive interview that will improve your whole image.
Contact the publisher. This method works less well, since many countries have laws for the protection of authors. But you will never know until you try, what could be the resolution of your problem. Provide them with as much information as you can to prove that this information is incorrect, and maybe they will insist that the author remove the article. To contact the publisher to remove a news article, send a formal email with all the proof that this article is incorrect — usually their contact emails are at the bottom of the page.
Contact Google support. This is the longest way for how to get a news article removed from the internet. According to their policy, Google can take up to 30 days to answer your ticket. So be prepared for that. Provide as much information as you can in one letter and attach all the documents and evidence. Some of the links can be hidden by using the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). According to this law, the article’s content should not contain logos or trademarks, and should have proof of ownership. You can ask Google to remove this content from the search results.  In many cases, Google can deny your ticket. This means that you have no strong proof to de-index this content. Prepare a better letter with new evidence to prove that the article is fake.

Options to remove a negative article from a search

Complete removal

This page will be made no longer available, with a 404 error page. All the content will be deleted and it will be impossible to find on this particular site. (Note: It will be deleted only on this site; if it was republished somewhere, you need to do all the steps again.) This result can be achieved only by the author or the publisher, and you should have solid proof that you are an innocent person and the article information is false.
Sometimes content that is removed from a site directly still shows up in the search results. Google algorithms realize it only after 2-3 weeks. You can speed up this process by using the Google Removal Tool. Remember that this link should be deleted with a 404 error page.

De-indexing of the article

The article will be impossible to find in the search results by your keywords, but all the content will stay on the site. This is one of the most likely solutions to the problem because the content will remain with the publisher. This result can be achieved if you contact the author of this article and he adds a “no-index” tag in the metadata of the article. The other way is if Google support removes it from the search results. To achieve this result to remove news articles, you need to have strong evidence that the article is fake.


This is the easiest way to solve the problem. In this case, the article will not be removed from Google but will be changed from being negative to being positive. The author can change the article if you are not the main focus of it. The best scenario will be if he removes your name. In this case, this link will disappear from search results. This can be achieved by contacting the author or the publisher of the article.
The publishers or authors will not be interested in helping you if you have caused harm to society, for example:
  1. Articles about crime or involvement in it;
  2. Articles about a scam with proof, or the financial state of a business;
  3. Truthful negative reviews of products and services;
  4. Factual articles about the personal lives of executives;
The press picks up on everything very quickly, and without court proceedings, even if the person may not be guilty. To delete such articles, you will need strong evidence of innocence.
One critical story can, indeed, have a huge impact on your reputation. However, it's always possible to change it in a positive way. Be patient and be prepared for a long process. Don't try to argue with the authors; sometimes, trying to solve problems by yourself can aggravate the situation or turn it into an endless struggle. Trying to solve problems by yourself can cost you a lot of time and stress, so why don't you hire the team of professionals to help you with how to get an article removed from Google? We will do it legally and with a lifetime guarantee.