How To Remove Your Mugshot From Google?

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Your reputation is important, whether it’s your reputation as an individual or your reputation as a business owner. But managing your reputation can be difficult because you’re not the only one who can affect it. One of the things that can damage your reputation is a mugshot. And you have to take care of it. But how do you remove a mugshot? You might need a little help.

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We keep your personal data safe
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Why is Your Mugshot Available Online?

Your mugshot may be available online because it is part of the police record. Mugshots and police records are considered public. In fact, your police record should be released to anyone upon request. You may request it in many different ways. For example, it could be made directly to the police department that has this information. People can request it to the court that processes the case, to an online offender tracking system, or through a background check.
All of this means that anyone can request the information and do so in one of several ways. It also means that any website can post this information as long as they don’t release any information that is considered private or confidential. For example, any information that is not considered part of the public record or that is expunged is not allowed to be disclosed.

Removing Mugshot From The Internet. Is It Possible?

If you are innocent or have been found not guilty by the court, you can remove your mugshot from the internet. Moreover, even if you were found guilty, but you have documentation that proves the closure of the case or you have already served all the assigned penalties, the mugshot can be removed as well.
Please note that those who are found guilty of pedophilia, murder, sexual assault, or other similar cases are not able to have their mugshot or arrest record removed with Reputation America. To begin the process, we require individuals to have proof or documentation regarding the reasons the information is eligible for removal.

How to Remove Mugshot from Google?

Do you have a Mugshot posted online? Then you know how much it can affect your reputation, whether you’re trying to get a job or improve your business. So, let’s take a look at some of the steps you can try to remove a mugshot or arrest record from Google.
1. Contact the website to make a request. The first option to erase your mugshot is to ask. You can approach the website that contains the arrest record or mugshot and ask to remove it. In most cases, you will need to provide a reason for the removal, such as whether the information is inaccurate, inappropriate, or completely false.
You could also request that they remove it just because you want them to, but it might be harder to get a positive reaction out of this. Look for any arguments and criteria they may or may not have regarding content removal or what grounds you need to ask them to remove mugshot from the Internet. Then, you can approach them with that information. It may involve getting evidence that the information is incorrect or drafting a request in a specific format.
2. Contact Google to make a request. If your mugshot is showing up on Google (which it would if it shows up on any other website) you can contact Google to have it removed. Also, to remove your mugshot from the internet, you will have to explain why this information has to be removed. Unfortunately, this is not going to be easy in most cases. That’s because Google does not typically remove information considered a public record.
However, if you believe you have reasons for removing the mugshot you need to contact Google. This information will usually include reasons why the information is harmful or in some way puts you at risk. If it is illegal to post such information you can also request a removal. Remember, mugshot removal from Google search is likely to require a specific process. You will need to follow the correct one to be successful.
3. Get your record expunged. This is not a simple task, but depending on the type of charge you have, it is possible. In most cases, this needs to be discussed or negotiated as part of your plea deal or sentencing, but you can negotiate it after the fact. However, this will require working with a lawyer and the court and you may not succeed.
4. Work with a removal service. The final option is to work with a professional company, such as Reputation America. All you need to do is contact us to get started.
We will take the information you provide, including evidence or documentation to rely on, and approach Google and other search engines for you. By choosing us, you avoid all the hassle and waste of time doing it yourself. Moreover, we offer guarantees that the information will be removed and remain inaccessible on the Internet.

Removing Mugshot From Google Images. How to do that?

Yes, you can! To remove an image from Google images you need to remove it from the first source. And you already know the process to remove it there. After you remove your mugshot from the first source yourself or with side help, you need to report the image to Google. According to Google policy, all the images without a first source should be removed.
Another downside to the internet is that once something is posted it’s easy for it to be copied and reposted elsewhere. That means you will not only need to worry about the first Google image removal, but subsequent ones as well.
Conduct a search for your name after the first image is removed to see if it still shows up, but from another source. You may have to go through this entire process again to have the content removed from another site.

Healing Your Reputation

It is important to take extra care when attempting to remove information from Google and other search engines or sources. If you’re looking to remove a mugshot or remove arrest record from Google, you need to do it thoroughly and in a way that the information doesn’t come back later. That means interacting very carefully with anyone who posted the information. If you’re not careful throughout this process, the information may not be removed or the source that posted it may add additional incriminating or harmful information, thereby, you will only aggravate your situation. It’s also possible that you may have unknowingly used illegal removal methods, which could lead to new charges.
Whether you’re looking to remove a mugshot or remove arrest record from Google, you’ll be able to get it done with us, with a lifetime guarantee and no risks involved. We always give a chance to make atonement and make sure that any individual doesn’t have to worry about these documents coming back to haunt them later.
Reputation America has many years of experience in removing and dealing with mugshots and arrest records, which allows us to quickly evaluate the risks and find the best working strategies. We charge you only for results. If removing doesn’t work, we will always offer you alternative solutions. Our mission is to improve your reputation by any means.
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