Finding Out «How to Remove My Name from Google Search»

Finding Out «How to Remove My Name from Google Search»

Privacy matters, but if we aren’t careful, it can become a thing of the past. Google has many uses, but it comes with some downsides too.

Free email and office software, Android and so on are all great, but Google also records everything about us and catalogues it. So anyone else can quickly find all that information.

It is OK for a business, right? The trade-off is that more people can find the company, and for many celebrities that may be the case too. But what about someone who is not famous? They are not a celebrity or a business, and chances are that they don’t really want people to find everything out about them from a simple search. They may even have specific things that they would rather not be found by anyone.

In that position, asking Google “how to remove my name from Google search” seems sensible then, but it is not that straightforward. Many people find that they don’t always get the answer from Google itself either.

Knowing how to remove my name from Google Search

Searching for “removing my name from Google search results”, there is a lot of confused information, along with several commercial solutions. The first choice that those looking to remove themselves from Google search have to make is whether to pay a reputation management company to do it for them, or to take on the challenge of doing it themselves.

how to remove my name from google search

There are many businesses that provide great service, but many people can’t afford the service, or they want an answer to the question “how to remove my name from Google search”. What is more important, many people take the view that they didn’t pay for data to be put there, and do not want to pay for it to be removed.

For some people, especially business looking to manage their history, taking on a specialized service may be right, but for the majority, taking control of privacy is empowering, and something they want to learn how to do.

Where to begin?

For anyone who wants to take control of their Google search presence, it is not only removing what is out there. They also need to avoid generating any more searchable data. This means they should check privacy settings on a website and social media accounts. After all, there is no point going through all the trouble of learning “how to remove my name from Google Search” without it. They would still generate more information for other sites to catalogue and distribute, taking them back to square one.

It is important that social media sites do not pass on their email or a phone number to third parties, limit where and how content is shared as much as possible and so on. This may seem like a tedious process, but it’s worth it in the long run.

After that, they need to look at forums and other websites, repeating this process for accounts they may have. The good news is that this is only needed once. When opening new accounts at a later date, they can set the privacy settings before they start using it.

how to remove my name from google search

Find the problem

The next step when anyone considers they need to know “how to remove my name from Google search” is all about collecting data. Here, people should make a list of all the searches for different things that threw up entries, and make a note of the page and the website involved.

The next thing to do is to get that information removed from the website. It is important to get this done before speaking to Google itself. If the entries are still there, Google’s automated systems will keep finding it and keep publishing it.

This is one of the longest steps in achieving the goal of removing name from Google search. Contact each site and ask them to remove any reference to the relevant name on their site. This include text, images or any links.It is important here not to simply rely on the website’s word. Double-check everything to make sure that everything is supposed to be removed actually is. It is not the time for impatience. When learning “how to remove my name from Google search” it is important that this step is finished before asking Google to remove search results.

Dealing with Google

Once the articles or entries in question are completely removed from the websites linked in the search entries, it is now time to finish the process and ask Google to remove them from the search results.

Because the articles, images and so on have been removed from the websites that hosted them, all that is left on Google is known as a cached result. That is, Google is not linking in real time, it has simply stored that result on its own servers and brings those results up automatically.

To stop this, use the Remove Outdated Content tool provided by Google. This is simple enough to use. Enter the URL as it appears in the Google search result entry, click request removal, and the request is made. The tool includes a handy reference that shows all requests each applicant has made, the status of each request and so on.

Problem Search Results 

The internet being what it is, there are other situations that may lead to desire to remove search entries from Google. Removing search entries for legal reasons is more complicated, simply because this is a manual process that is based on the Google Team’s judgement. The Content Removal Tool is used to submit the problem query. To be successful you will need to be armed with a sufficient proof that the search violates laws.

how to remove my name from google search


It can be a time-consuming business, but for those who want to remove a name from Google search it can be done.

For businesses and brands, reputation management plays a huge role too and that is why removing some searches may be beneficial. For anyone asking “how to remove my name from Google search”, getting content removed from websites and then clearing those search results from Google cache is by far the easiest approach.

There are options to take the option to apply for a removal for legal reasons. However, that approach relies on a judgement call from Google, and they expect much more to prove the case than can be required with an individual website.

Ultimately, it is entirely possible to remove Google search results about someone, although it can be a challenge and takes up significant time. With that in mind, commercial solutions may hold the answer for many people, with reputation management companies taking care of the process leaving those affected to carry on with life.

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