How to Remove Bad Reviews from Google Play and App Store

Remove Negative from Google Play and App Store

Nowadays, reviews are a key to your app’s success. According to Mobile Action, 70% of users read at least one review before downloading, 13% look through at least 7 reviews, and 75% download relying on reviews only.

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Small wonder, since today’s App Store and Google Play are stuffed with apps to such an extent that every product page in the store is struggling hard for a high position in the ranking. Reviews and ranking remain the key conditions for search, conversion, and ad performance. Apps with at least 4 stars are more likely to hold higher positions in the ranking. According to a survey by Apptentive, the ranking growth plays a crucial role in the app’s success.

How to remove bad reviews from Google Play and App Store

What’s even more important, users are more willing to share their negative experiences than their positive ones. And this is what creates the product image. According to the same research, only 15% of users are willing to download 2-star apps. Only 50% will think about downloading apps with 3 stars, whereas 4-star apps meet the requirements of 96% of users.

Tired of negative reviews on App Store and Google Play?

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We keep your personal data safe
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Thus, a ranking below 4 stars means a failure for developers. Users believe that such an application is of insufficient quality, which leads to decreasing conversion rate, views, and downloads. This is the main reason to try to solve the problem and find out how to remove negative reviews from Google Play and App Store.

How to manage feedback

As far as App Store is concerned, the answer is simple – you can monitor reviews using the My Apps section in Apple iTunes Connect.

One of Apple’s features is an opportunity to respond to feedback on behalf of an administrator, an app manager, an official representative, or a seller.

how to remove negative reviews from Google Play

Even if you can’t find out here, how to delete a review on App Store, you can still respond to complaints and get them removed by the customer. Being a seller, you should always keep in mind that any negative feedback is primarily an opportunity to improve your product quality, correct errors, and optimize its operation. Therefore, Apple recommends responding to criticism promptly, providing meaningful, clear, and detailed answers. Moreover, feeling the owner’s support, their personal involvement in the difficulties faced by users, and sincere eagerness to help, customers may delete the complaint and give a higher score, which will increase your ranking.

While thinking about purchasing the app, potential users will also take note of your efficiency and attention to customers. Users always receive an email notification about the developer’s response, and, at the same time, Apple suggests that they should update the feedback, and provides instructions on how to delete a review on App Store.

How to get good feedback in App Store and Google Play

How to get good feedback in App Store and Google Play

Besides looking for the solution to the issue of how to delete a review on Google Play or App Store, you should take care of the most important thing – develop a bug-free app, which any user will like. And don’t push your customers to leave a review right after downloading the app. Let them give it a try and form the right opinion about it.

If you want to get positive feedback from your users, never interrupt or annoy them by requesting reviews. Try to ask for feedback when they are the happiest with the app – after completing a task or clearing a level in a game, for example.

While doing your best to get positive feedback, always be prepared to receive negative comments as well. Do your best to help users with their difficulties by providing well-timed and competent support. Seeing your involvement and care, users will be less likely to leave a negative review.

Itunes Connect

How to delete a review on App Store

As tempting as this solution may seem, it is almost impossible to remove a real review. (But there’s a chance, read further.) One thing you should never do is to offer an author a reward for changing or deleting their feedback. Apple always strives for adequate rankings and keeps improving its reputation-building mechanisms.

Being the developer, you should start with solving the problem and providing a meaningful response, after which, users may decide to change their mind and choose the best way for how to delete a review on Google Play or App Store.

If that hasn’t worked out and you find a comment about your work unfair, you can resort to another solution – to report an inappropriate comment. Thus, Apple can support you in case of obscenities or spam from the user.

What if the negative review isn’t related to your product? Do you have any proof that the review was solicited by a competitor? If so, the developer can contact the support service. You can select the Report a violation option next to the comment or send Apple an email via iTunes connect: Contact Us > App Store Questions > Customer Reviews > Specific Removal Request. If your claims are reasonable, the review will be removed.

How to Remove Bad Reviews from Google Play and App Store

Don’t buy – delete

Negative reviews deter up to 40% of potential customers. This rule applies to apps as well. If you can’t delete reviews from Google Play or App Store by yourself, you should contact the professionals.

  • Information removal — is ethical and legal. We value your privacy, so the customer and associated people will remain safe.
  • We delete reviews from Google Play and App Store by negotiating — we find an approach to make to the author and convince him or her to remove the negative feedback. We don’t hack websites, we don’t threaten the authors or site administrators, and we don’t reveal personal data to third parties. We are a kind of mediator who seeks to resolve the conflict without recourse to a court.
  • Removing — is our proprietary method of deleting information. We use it to remove outdated information that is formally not slander, which means you can’t remove it by legal proceedings.

Each client will get:

  • Transparent KPI. The task clearly sets the removal targets. We deal with numbers, not with abstract concepts.
  • Confidentiality. Action is taken without publicity or disclosing the customer’s name.
  • A legally binding lifetime warranty. If the negative feedback reappears, we will remove it again for free.
  • Legal methods. We use only safe and legal methods. We work through negotiations.

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We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe
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