How to Delete Trustpilot Review: Top 5 Working Techniques

How to Delete Trustpilot Reviews

People are more willing to share negative experiences online and Trustpilot is one of the main platforms that allow consumers to do this.

Trustpilot is a time-proven and reputable platform where people from all over the globe share their experiences with different companies. Currently, this website features around 50 million reviews from more than 200,000 users. It’s a comprehensive platform where you can find out more about the rating of companies.

According to Statista, 92% of users confessed that negative reviews make them less likely to patronize a local business. So it is clear that positive reviews make users more likely to use the services of a company.

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Unfortunately, some people share negative feedback intentionally to destroy the reputation of their competitors. Well, how to delete Trustpilot review? What should a business owner do to fix their brand’s bad reputation? Let’s take a deeper look at these questions!

How to delete Trustpilot Review — Main Tips

If you wish to delete a negative Trustpilot review about your company, you should understand that it’s not that easy. Let’s review the main tips to follow.

Always respond to negativity

If you see a poor review, the first thing that you have to do is to answer it professionally and clearly. Always keep your answers respectful and short, demonstrate that you are greatly concerned, and want to do the utmost to solve this issue. If it’s possible, invite this particular user for an offline communication where you’ll discuss the problem and offer a solution.

Dealing with fake reviews

It goes without saying that fake reviews can kill your reputation and what’s more disappointing is that not all reviews are genuine and left by real users. More likely than not, they are fake. So how to delete Trustpilot fake reviews?

The thing is that fake reviews usually include dishonest statements and devastating comments. And they are mostly written by your competitors in this niche. What makes it terrible for your business is that it is really hard to delete such reviews on Trustpilot. But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible and you can’t tackle that challenge.

If you see a myriad of negative reviews, you should analyze the users. If you don’t recognize them as your customers and you can’t link this review to your company, you should write about it.

Here is the example:

“Thanks a lot for your feedback, but unfortunately, we can’t verify this information and cannot find your name in our extensive customer database. We value our customers and always take feedback seriously, so contact us at (add your email or phone number) so that we could solve this issue as soon as possible.”

By doing so, you demonstrate that you do care about the reputation of your company and always ready to help if your new or regular clients have a bitter experience using your products or services. You can follow the same recommendations if you see that a user leaves a 1-star review but doesn’t write anything (doesn’t provide you with specific information).

Use negative reviews to benefit your business

Not each poor review on Trustpilot should be deleted. You can use them as a chance to win loyalty and return your customers. What’s more, they also demonstrate empathy, especially when you answer them politely. When your standing customers see that you are greatly concerned about your reputation and poor reviews, this will surely push up your sales. Beware that it’s a sign of authenticity because when a business has only excellent reviews, it’s suspicious and shifty-looking. Customers usually don’t trust such companies as it’s evident that absolutely all customers can’t be satisfied with the level and quality of services provided.

Bad reviews can also be a worthy learning opportunity. You can evaluate the work of your customer support team and take some measures to improve it. By politely responding to negative reviews, you’ll undoubtedly attract more potential clients to your business.

Report negative reviews on Trustpilot

Well, how to delete Trustpilot review? You can always report fake or negative reviews to the Trustpilot customer support team if they violate their Guidelines for Reviewers.

Moreover, this online reviewing platform has powerful fraud detection hardware that always finds fake reviews and automatically notifies all authors that they have been removed.

Ask Reputation America for help

Remember that negative reviews on Trustpilot are no reason to panic. If you can’t deal with this problem on your own or you have already tried all possible tips, you can ask professionals from Reputation America for help. We’ll help you restore your reputation and remove fake reviews from Trustpilot.

As you can see, dealing with adverse reviews is a time-consuming and complex task, and not all business owners have enough spare time to complete it. And this is where our services might come in handy!

We delete reviews from Trustpilot through negotiations. We have a team of true professionals in this field who know the rules of this well-known reviewing platform from the inside. Plus, we know how to convince the author of the review to remove it. Remember that we don’t threaten people, hack websites, and never pass personal information to third parties. Our primary goal is to do our best to resolve the conflict as soon as possible using legal methods.

Well, how to delete Trustpilot review? To summarize, we can see that your brand’s online reputation depends on online reviews from your Trustpilot profile. When a business is ranked highly on this website, it also ranks better on search engines and generates good traffic to the website. If the brand’s online reputation is poor, this company will start losing clients. To prevent this from happening, you should always monitor your online presence and fight negative feedback by following our pieces of advice, mentioned in this post. If you don’t have enough time or you have already tried all possible tips, but still failed, feel free to contact professionals from Reputation America. We’ll help clear the name of your company!

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