How to Delete Glassdoor Reviews: Expert Advice

How to delete Glassdoor reviews

We all make mistakes and get into difficult situations – it’s just human nature, and companies are not exempt from those issues.

In this modern age of the Internet, with social media posts and compulsive tweeting, it’s easy to find yourself the target of a cyberstorm of negativity from often anonymous sources. The professionals at Reputation America understand that it can be difficult to maintain your image and reputation in this world of “high speed everything,” in which a 24-hour news cycle and social media feeds are sources for rumours, stories, comments and reviews that are often untrue and unjust.

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We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe
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There are ways to bury Glassdoor’s negative reviews and other content posted by current or former employees with an axe to grind. We can help you manage that negative feedback and delete Glassdoor content. Together we build a positive online presence that reflects your company’s esteemed profile. But we do more than that.

How We Bury and Delete Glassdoor Content

  1. First, we collect all relevant information.
  2. We study everyone who has access to it, and eliminate the source of the negative material.
  3. We collect data on the author, the resource, his administrator, and host.
  4. We identify violations of the law.
  5. We carry out tests, implicit contacts with each of the parties.
  6. We analyze all data.
  7. We develop psychological portraits.
  8. We select the necessary arguments and motivating factors.
  9. We check whether the information is being monitored, and whether deletion of it carries additional risk.
  10. We create a project plan.
  11. We don’t always remove content and accounts in the same way.
  12. Sometimes, rewriting content is an even more effective way of restoring your image. Therefore, we use negotiators, psychologists, conflict specialists, content specific- lawyers and even mediators to deal with the removal of information.

What Is Glassdoor, Exactly?

delete Glassdoor reviews

Glassdoor has been around since 2007, but it didn’t launch its ratings site until 2008. Here’s why you should care about it:

  • Glassdoor posts reviews of companies, CEOs, photos, and employee ratings – for better or worse;
  • By 2015, it had 30 million users from more than 190 countries. That means that A LOT of people see bad reviews;
  • It screens and verifies that the employee is legitimate, and rejects about 20 percent of entries.
  • That means that the audiences who read the reviews know it has high standards for content, and that means it’s taken seriously.
  • It posts more than reviews; it also posts salaries and content about management styles and corporate culture. You cannot afford to ignore it!
  • Suing Glassdoor is a bad idea, plain and simple. We will get the content deleted from Glassdoor.

We have already deleted information from Glassdoor hundreds of times, using only a clear and transparent process.

Only after we get results do we accept any money!

We handle tricky things, too. We tackle the sometimes delicate, always disturbing problems inherent in having an online profile – attacks from anonymous sources that can ruin a firm’s image in no time flat. No threats, no hacking; everything we do is legitimate and legal, and we get the job done.

Ever notice how the cloak of anonymity can bring out the worst in people? Maybe they have a genuine complaint about your company, maybe they’re holding a grudge, but either way it can damage your reputation and put a stain on the track record you’ve worked so hard to accomplish and maintain. The Internet is a marvellous tool to use for promotion, profiles, and positive news. But it’s also a double-edged sword. A 150 character tweet can suddenly have your online world spinning out of control and lave you with no way to contain and control the damage.

delete glassdoor

Your company’s profile sits online and can become vulnerable to attack by, for example, by a former employee who feels unjustly treated, or a customer who felt your service wasn’t up to par. These folks have at their disposal many ways to hurt your reputation, by giving your company a bad review on sites like Glassdoor. And of course, you can’t simply contact the site, say the review isn’t fair and get it taken down. If only life were that simple.

Sites like Glassdoor have a series of checks and balances for their content to which they strictly adhere. Contacting them yourself can feel like shouting into the wind – it gets you nowhere. Only the individual who wrote the review can request that it be removed.

But at Reputation America, we understand precisely what this and other sites need to know before they will scrub negative material. Fortunately, they don’t want to be known as an outlet for cranks with payback agendas. We understand what these sites have to know before they will make a decision to remove negative content. We love tough cases, and thrive on challenges. We manage your reputation and image so you don’t have to.

We at Reputation America use only legal means to combat and remove negative content from sites like We’re here to help restore your reputation and get those troublesome reviews offline.

delete Glassdoor

We work with the biggest names in media; web portals and bloggers; reputation management and marketing firms, among others, to remove content online that jeopardizes your good name. We use only legal means, and we guarantee anonymity and confidentiality. Ask yourself – can you afford to let even one negative review of your company remain on a site like Glassdoor? If the answer is no – and we’re sure it is – contact the professionals at Reputation America. Whether you ask us to bury Glassdoor, sue Glassdoor, or delete Glassdoor, we will work to find the solution that’s right for you.

We work to delete Glassdoor reviews because the longer they are there, the worse it gets and the deeper the ramifications go. People remember problems, rumours and scandals, even if they’re proven false. Don’t let your firm become another casualty of Internet anonymity.

Tired of negative reviews on Glassdoor?

It’s free, confidential, and without obligation

We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe
Priority method of communication

We counter those impressions with P.R. campaigns and positive stories and reviews by employees and customers who are happy with your organization. We have helped dozens of companies, celebrities, politicians and business people get negative reviews and other information off the Internet, and we can do it for you.

Even one search engine result on Google or Yahoo that airs a complaint or perpetuates a false accusation can do persistent or even permanent damage to your reputation. Let us help, like we’ve helped dozens of employers who need to bury Glassdoor material. Contact the professionals at and let’s get started restoring your good name. Today.

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