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Here's how it defines the word ‘reputation’ in the dictionary: "The created opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of someone, something." True, this word has been long settled in language and has become a universal yardstick of business qualities. However, in the definition, the word "opinion" is also mentioned, it’s best to influence this, otherwise, it will be done by others.

Imagine the situation. An online news agency publishes an interview with a businessman (or material about their work), under which angry comments begin to appear. For the most part, they’re petty, and these commenters have many mispellings and typos, but the readers still see the message. The businessman is not to blame for the fact that there is a large group of people spewing negative comments and emotions on the Internet. What good can come from this and why pay attention? Over time, the businessman begins to notice that every publication about him is accompanied by a brigade of trolls. How can this be explained to partners? Why is a respected businessman being harassed online?How are clients not disappointed?

Do not envy this person

The sociological theory of broken windows works here. If one glass is broken in the building and no one replaces it, then after a while there will not be a whole window left. Five malicious reviews will eventually grow to ten and so on. The network is inhabited by the culture of Internet hooligans and trolls that are only capable of creating a negative environment. Even heads of state are not protected from such people on the Internet. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was played by Russian pranksters.

«Success is a lousy teacher. He makes smart people think that they can not lose»

Bill Gates

Do not forget that everyone makes mistakes. If the problem or situation has become the property of the Internet, competitors will not miss the chance to take advantage. What to do? Sit back and not give interviews and not interact with the rest of the world?
Entrust reputation management professionals. The company "Reputation America" ​​will help you to remove unreliable information from the Internet, introduce a positive agenda and build a strategy for image development. We will create media for a person up to 50 sites and delete up to 30 hot spots. In Google’s top 10, only honest and positive information will be mentioned about you.
Quality reputation guarantees the attention of partners and the trust of customers.
Now only you can create a personal reputation!